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Deben Climate Centre report details high pollution levels in the River Deben

This report from The Deben Climate Centre describes E.coli and phosphate pollution in the River Deben. It is the result of more than 12 months of sampling and testing results from over 25 locations, with a particular focus on the impact that Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) have on pollution levels. These treatment works are owned and operated by Anglian Water but governed by standards set by the Environment Agency.

The report is available below for download. Copyright Deben Climate Centre.

Report on Water Quality in the River Deben February 2024 FINAL print only
Download PDF • 12.95MB

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03 mai

FYI - My husband and I farm immediately below the Molson Coors industrial site at Aspall. We are alarmed by the recent announcement by the Guild brothers at Aspall Hall [formerly Aspall Cider] of their intention to turn their Leywood Field presently a sloping arable cropped field over to industrial waste water and effluent disposal from the Coors factory instead of Whites tankers continuing to take it away as the factory treatment plant cannot deal with it - many many thousands of litres. Water naturally runs down hill and will carry PFAS and other pollutants that do not meet E.A PRENF discharge requirements to us and into the Deben tributary despite claims to the contrary. It is fact tha…

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